VIDEO: Rum Point Striper

Rum runners, striper chasers and guitar pickers on an evening in Sea Cliff. Note: No participants in this video lost their lives and the striper was gently released to swim again.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora borealis. Living light blossoms, collapses and regathers in an orchestral display of color and motion. Photo: Arnar Valimarsson

Looney Tunes

Hear the most distinctive bird call in nature - the haunting cry of the loon.  Audio and images of a beautiful water bird.

Horseshoe Crab - The Living Fossil

Horseshoe crabs are living fossils that go back over 300 million years. You can thank these ancient creatures for your health and even your life.   

We've Been Busy

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Ode to Ice

Water is a freak of nature, a cosmic enigma. The Hook Life Water Blog looks at water and ice in a farewell to winter.

Catch and Release

A Bass Swirls.  An Osprey Calls.  A Star Falls From the Sky. 

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