breaking waves viewed through icicles on a boardwalk railing

Ode to Ice

 glacier valley view from above

Water is a freak of nature, a cosmic enigma. The normal physics of matter goes like this: dense solid, less dense liquid, least dense gas. But water is otherworldly - solid ice floats in oceans, lakes and your gin-and-tonic. 

If not for this paradox, bodies of water would freeze from the bottom up in temperate and polar zones. Aquatic and marine life would suffer. The vital thermal pathways of sub-surface waters would stop. Earth would be a harsh, drastically-different place.

Spring unlocks the crystalline matrix of ice and water runs back to the sea. The sun warms the ocean, gathering mist into the clouds that water the earth.

Completing an arc of life on the water.

ice on the beach with rocks

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