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Hook Life was born in the village of Sea Cliff on Long Island Sound, a vast tidal estuary you can navigate from the Statue of Liberty to Orient Point. To the south, the Atlantic Ocean stretches from the nation's urban surfing capital of Rockaway Beach to the surf fishing capital of Montauk.

Welcome to our home waters.

Founders Dimitry Schidlovsky and Andrei Bogolubov

We are an artist and a writer, fishing addicts who love life on the water.  Dimitry created Hook Life as a bumper sticker that he gave to buyers of his fishing art. A simple, stylized hook uncluttered by words and imagery. 

Then a funny thing happened - the bumper sticker took on a life of its own. People began to show up at the studio looking for the hook they saw on cars, pick-ups and boats. When we put the mark on caps and tees, they took off too.

Hook Life store in Sea Cliff New York 11579

In coastal communities on the 1,600-mile Long Island shore, our iconic hook became the mark of the angler - a badge of pride among people who are out on the water year-around, in almost any weather.

Today, Hook Life is an emblem of anglers, boaters, sailors, surfers, sun-seekers and beach bums wherever people come to life on the water.

Go ahead and get out there. Go ahead, Hook Life.

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